Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What kind of transportation is provided for your trip and leisure services?
A:All activities are organized as join-in groups where different visitors explore the attraction(s) together. Therefore, these trips are available at reasonably low prices. Private tours can also be arranged but further fees may apply.

Q: Do we need to book for an accommodation?
A: Since each of the trips is provided for a certain time of day only, you have total liberty to decide whether or not to make an accommodation booking with us. Please let us know your preferred type of lodging and if you want an accommodation included. For those of you who would like to combine different activities together (in which case a trip will last more than one day), then it will be necessary to make an accommodation arrangement.

Q: It is mentioned in your list of activities that some are provided with and without guides. Why?
A: In most circumstances, the presence of a guide is necessary to liaise with not only the driver but also service providers at the attraction site(s), as well as, of course, to give you important information of the place(s) you are visiting. However, for such services as dinner cruise, nighttime event or cooking class, there is no need for a guide.

Q:If we book a series of activities with you, is it possible to rest for a few days and then resume the trip?
A: Yes, that can be easily arranged.

Q: What if I want you to arrange a side trip to a neighboring country for me?
A: Countries neighboring Thailand in recent years have become much more tourist-oriented than before. So if you have a plan to visit a particular region of Thailand, you may want to cross the border and spend a day or two in our immediate neighbors in Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia, or in other nearby countries like Hong Kong, Singapore or Vietnam. Please let us know if you want us to make such an arrangement for you.


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