Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How possible is it to buy discount air tickets for the whole group with you?
A: Although we do not do air ticket sales, we have a partnership with several such companies that offer very good deals, depending on the number of passengers and time of year that you want to fly.

Q: If any of our members do not arrive or leave with the group, do you have a special arrangement service?
A:Yes, no problem. Provided that you arrive at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport, we normally have our representatives on stand-by during certain times of day to take care of your airport pick-up and transfer. But please let us know as soon as possible of such circumstances.

Q: Do you have a lower or an upper limit of number of people in a group?
A: No. Your group can consist of any number of delegates.

Q: Exactly how many hours per day are seminar rooms available for use?
A: If your seminar or meeting is organized in a hotel (which is normally the case), seminar rooms will be available between 8.30 and 17.00 hours. There is, in most circumstances, no surcharge if your event starts or ends a bit earlier or later (e.g. quarter of or half an hour), provided that the room is not scheduled for other uses. However, some hotels may havea stricter policy on room use outside the set hours.

Q: Can lunch be served inside the seminar room?
A: Yes, but not always. Before giving their allowance, a typical hotel will take into consideration whether there is enough space for catering facilities in your room andlocation of the room within the premises.

Q:Is it possible to organize our meeting in places other than big cities or tourist-oriented areas?
A: Yes, there are hundreds of hotels, resorts, homestays and seminar places in secluded locations in upcountry Thailand that provide top-quality arrangements of venue, accommodation and meals for seminar groups. If you do not want to stay too far from Bangkok or big cities, we suggest that you organize your event in Kanchanaburi and HuaHin (in Western Thailand) or NakhonNayok or KhaoYai (in Central-Northeastern Thailand). Or if you want to explore further afield, we recommend Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai or Mae Hong Son (in Northern Thailand), KhonKaen, NongKhai or UbonRatchathani (in Northeastern Thailand) and Phuket, Krabi or Hat Yai (in Southern Thailand).

Q: Canmy group arrangements be made in different cities/places?
A: Yes. For example, you can have one session of your seminar in a city for one day and another session (or more) in a provincial town. It is totally up to you.


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