Morgage bonds for foreigner in Thailand

Wanting to buy a house or villa in Thailand but need finance? Speak to our property lawyers about what your options are in Thailand with regards to obtaining a mortgage bond in Thailand.




Property financing for foreigners in Thailand is possible. When we buy a property back home, one of the first things we would think of is financing. Even for those who have sufficient funding and liquidity for an acquisition, financing is often seen as a means of leveraging our investments. For buyers with less access to funding, financing is an indispensable vehicle they use to own that dream home. In this instance, Thailand is the same as any other country. Most of the financial institutions in Thailand provide loans for real estate purchases to local Thais and Thai companies based on similar criteria we are used to in our home country. However, the similarities do end there for most foreigners buying property in Thailand.


Foreigners generally cannot mortgage properties in Thailand. In fact, mortgage lending by local banks to foreigners was virtually unheard of in Thailand. Nonetheless, in recent years we have seen a slight shift in policies to allow foreigners limited access to financing. This was instigated, in part, by the Thai government’s eagerness to promote tourism and to encourage economic growth in Thailand. This was introduced during the high growth period of the past five years leading to Thailand’s current climate which can now be best described as moribund.


Despite this, the momentum gained from the past few years has meant that some Thai banks do offer financing services to foreigners but impose rather strict terms and conditions on their availability. The most important condition is that the property has to be held in the foreigner’s own name and the property has to be registered as a condominium under the Condominium Act since foreigners are restricted to purchasing only these types of properties in Thailand.





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