1.  Fast-track immigration   

     With the fast-track arrival service, a representative will meet you in front of the entrance to the immigration  

     control counter to facilitate immigration procedures in a special lane. Once your luggage is collected, you will be

     escorted and assisted through the customs to the arrival hall. For customers leaving Thailand, a fast-track

     departure service will also be carried out by a representative who will accompany you through the immigration in

     a premium lane. Both services are available at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport only.

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2.  Airport transportation

     An airport pick-up will be arranged from your airport of entry to your accommodation, whereas an airport

     transfer will be the transportation to take you from your accommodation to your airport of departure. A typical

     vehicle for both services will be an air-conditioned, five-seat limousine.p>

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3.  Personal assistant and driver

     A personal assistant and a driver will be assigned to escort you (in an air-conditioned, five-seat limousine)

     for the entire duration of your package. This combined service will be available

     between (approximately) 8.30 and 17.30 hours. Time arrangement is flexible. Further fees may apply for extra,

     long hours. The personal assistant is reachable on the phone outside these hours, in case you need further

     assistance. Our personal assistants are mostly English-speaking. Those competent in other languages are

     available upon request. Please note that depending on availability, the vehicle used for this service may be the

     same as that used for airport transportation.


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4.  Accommodation and accommodation search

      Our accommodation services are offered in 3 formats:

           (1)    provision of temporary accommodation during your program only

           (2)    provision of temporary accommodation during your program, plus escort for long-term

                   accommodation search or viewing, or

           (3)    escort for accommodation search or viewing only

***For your convenience while under our care, we recommend a temporary accommodation stay in one of our

     partner hotels or serviced apartments. Longer-term accommodation search or viewing can be arranged on the

     basis of our list of selected accommodation (for example, a private house, a studio, or a condominium) in your 

     area, or from your own list of housing alternatives. These services also include assistance with managing lease

     or sale agreements.

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5.  Healthcare plan provision

     Upon your request, a trusted healthcare insurance provider will explain to you about different healthcare plans

     for expatriates relocating to Thailand, in order that you can be guaranteed of an insurance coverage and

     protection suitable to your personal circumstances. Click here for more details


6. Medical services and rejuvenation programs 

     We are also a partner of many hospitals, medical institutions and clinics across in Thailand, highly acclaimed

     among expatriates and local Thais as being equipped with the latest technology and for delivering the best

     treatements, surgeries and rejuvenation programs. So if 'medical tourism' is what you come to Thailand

     for, we will make sure to give you an advice on that too. Click here for more details


7.  Moving services

     In normal circumstances, Escapedia Thailand will liaise with a Thailand-based professional moving agency in

     order to facilitate a timely and careful delivery of your household goods and other possessions (1) from a Thai

     port of entry to your designated destination or (2) between any two locations within Thailand. Or if you would

     like us to arrange (3) a door-to-door shipment (that is from your home country to your address in Thailand),

     we also have partnership with several widely recognized international agencies who will be happy to assist you. 

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8.  Cross-cultural orientation

     A half-day cross-cultural orientation will be arranged for you to meet with a cross-cultural communication

     counsellor who will give you an overview about Thai ways of doing things and perceiving things. Totally

     customized to address your specific purposes of relocation, the session is also aimed at familiarizing you with

     cultural do’s and dont’s and how to avoid misunderstandings when communicating or working with Thais.

     Material will also be drawn from case studies and examples involving your culture(s).

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9.  City orientation


     A city orientation trip will give you an idea of the physical landscape of the city where you are going to

     relocate to. This will include visits to the city’s important landmarks and districts, as well as to your local

     community and its immediate neighborhoods, and where the best nightlife entertainment can be found. In

     doing all this, you can choose between either making use of your personal limousine or public transportation.

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10. Assistance with local authorities and amenities

       Assistance ranges from facilitating with general immigration practices (such as the extension of temporary

       visa, change of visa type, issuing of work permit), opening a bank account, registering with local authorities

       for supply of electricity and water, applying for a driver’s license, getting landline and mobile phone numbers

       to obtaining translation services, finding a language course, a school, a cooking class and a house maid,

       buying groceries, and booking for a massage, a concert and a film.

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11. Immigration and legal consultation facilitation

       Escapedia Thailand will give you a general overview of how to handle immigration and legal issues as

       specified by Thai law. In case you need an additional consultation regarding your immigration status and

       other legal matters (e.g. marital and business arrangements), we will coordinate with an immigration or legal

       specialist who will provide his/her expert advice on your issues of concern (additional fees apply).

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